Dwight Howard Superman Workout

Dwight Howard Superman Workout

In case you’re wondering if Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard works out in a Superman t-shirt like he’s Superman. The answer is yes. Two years removed from his back surgery and shoulder injury, Howard is putting in work to regain his super form. Per Yahoo! Sports.

“Trevor Ariza, who played three seasons with Howard on the Magic, walked into Rockets training camp and found himself mesmerized with Howard’s re-transformation. “To be honest, he looks more athletic to me now,” Ariza told Yahoo Sports. “He’s always been big and strong, but he seems stronger to me, looks like he’s jumping higher than he did.”

After watching Howard in training camp, Rockets icon Hakeem Olajuwon told Yahoo: “He’s a different animal this year. His physique, his spirit coming together with his talent and skills and health; he has an aura about him here. It’s like he’s gotten his youth back.”

Hopefully this transformation for the better includes his free throw shooting too. I’m just saying.

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