Dirk Nowitzki To Throw First Pitch

It didn’t take long for Major League Baseball to run from a controversy Wednesday.

After pulling the plug on Dallas Mavericks’ star Dirk Nowitzki’s candidacy to throw out the first pitch in a World Series game in Texas, apparently because of the ongoing NBA lockout, MLB reversed the decision Wednesday evening. Nowitzki will now throw out a first pitch in Game 3 in Texas this coming weekend. Nowitzki’s name was one of several submitted by the Texas Rangers to be considered for an honorary first pitch.

The initial response from MLB headquarters was to strike Nowitzki, the MVP of the NBA finals last spring, from the list because they wanted to not appear to be thumbing their noses at their basketball ownership counterparts.

When news of the snub got out, MLB quickly changed its tune rather than get in the middle of a labour dispute that is none of their business.

Toronto Sun

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