Kobe Bryant Does Manchester United vs Barcelona Halftime Ceremony

The only thing Kobe Bryant loves more than scoring 81 points on the Raptors, winning more championship rings than Shaq and being compared to Michael Jordan is maybe soccer powerhouse FC Barcelona. So of course when he was invited to take part in a halftime ceremony for his favorite team, he said “hell yeah!” and yes, I’m paraphrasing.

“Growing up in Italy, I’ve always been a huge soccer fan, so it’s very easy for me to identify with the sport,” Bryant said at an event hosted by Turkish Airlines which he serves as global ambassador. “When I first saw Barça play, they play with so much creativity, passion and enthusiasm, it was so easy to follow it. They inspired me and the way I play.”

There it is kids, if you wanna play like Kobe Bryant watch Lionel Messi first. If you get really good at soccer, stick with it. They never have a work stoppage and get paid way, way, way, way — way more. I’m just sayin’ they get paid like way more.

Watch the Kobe-ster score a cracking penalty kick during halftime after the jump.

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