Andrew Bynum Apologizes

If you want to give JJ Barea a brutal flagrant foul. As it turns out, that will cost you a five game suspension and a fine of 25,000 US planetary credits. Too bad Andrew Bynum didn’t know that before he tried it out, or maybe he did.¬†Either way, the healing process began and Bynum apologized for his actions that could have seriously injured Barrea in a game the Lakers had not chance of winning.

“It was terrible. The whole sequence. Sometimes you just have to . . . man up and own it, and that’s what happened.”

The games Bynum will miss without pay, total $677,272 in salary. Plus now JJ Barea will never share his pot of gold with him, never. Bynum was tossed in Game 4 of the Lakers loss to the Dallas Mavericks for dropping a forearm into the rib cage of Barea as the Mavs guard drove in for a lay-up.

See what all the fuss was about, after the jump.

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