Ron Artest Drops New Mixtape

This year Ron Artest might not be an All-Star, but that won’t stop him from getting his shine on. Why??? Because he’s a champion dang it! Set for release on All-Star weekend, Ron Artest was supposed to drop his mixtape titled “BALL’N” hosted by DJ Felli Fell in a few days.

Then the Lakers lost to the pathetic Cavs (99-104) and Artest instead decided to drop it last night. After registering 1 point in the game. I bet Phil Jackson is super impressed.

From the looks of the roster on the album when Ron-Ron calls, people pick up the phone. G-Unit, The Game, B-Real, George Lopez, WC, Ice Cube, Nature, YG, Ray J, Jim Jones, Fat Joe, Marques Houston and the best rapper alive (yeah I said it!) Nas will all appear on Ron-Ron’s mixtape.

Complete “Artest” listing and mixtape download link, after the jump.

George Lopez
WC (Dub C)
Ice Cube
Mistah F.A.B.
Ray J
Jim Jones
Down aka Kilo from “Lean Like A Cholo”
Fat Joe
Lil’ B
Marques Houston
Ace Hood
Elton Brand (Philadelphia 76ers)
Lou Williams from (Philadelphia 76ers)
Jason Terry (Dallas Mavericks)
Khalid Bell (Chicago Bears)
Brandon Lloyd (Denver Broncos)

Download the mixtape here.

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