Cause That Is How Villanueva Rolls

Charlie Villanueva has been at the forefront of Twitter since jump. CV31 has using the social media app for all kinds of different things like halftime updates, post game breakdowns and fan polls. So why wouldn’t he use Twitter to ask his followers if he should buy an Aston Martin Rapide or a Lexus LF-A?

Via his @CV31 account, Villanueva posed the question to his followers “Aston Martin Rapide or Lexus LF-A? which one” then a few hours later he Tweeted, “I think the Aston Martin Rapide it is, thanks twitterland” and posted the picture (above) of his new whip.

Personally I would have taken the Aston Martin Rapide too, because the $375,000 (US) Lexus LFA supercar price tag seems a bit steep — not that spending the $200,000 (US) for the Rapide is my range either. Either way, these are two really bad @ss whips but that’s just how Charlie Villanueva rolls.

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