Ron Artest Does Chelsea Lately

NBA champions usually end up on few talk shows because well — they can, and the ones that have an awesome personality end up on a lot of talk shows. So expect to see mad Ron Artest appearances while the Larry O’Brien is still warm. The last stop on the Artest champ tour was Chelsea Lately and Artest was momentarily sober and at his Ronniest as usual.

My favorite part of this interview is at the 2:35 mark were it looks like Chelsea is interviewing the dirty right sock of Ron Artest. Sorry, I mean the dirty right champion sock of Ron Artest. The sight of his foot kinda threw her off her talk show game for a sec and it was awkward hilarious which is my favorite kinda hilarious.

You’ll really have to turn up your speakers to hear this interview because the loudness of Ron-Ron’s pants messes with lapel microphone audio. Also, watch out for Ron-Ron’s tee, it bites!

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