Freshly Dipped: Gourmet 151 Pieces

So you never heard of Gourmet before right? Well, keep sitting at my cafeteria table you’ll learn who they are and you might even get a bite of the most delicious Lobster Parmesan sandwich your stomach has ever seen too.

Based on their love jone for really good Italian food. The might, yet indie Gourmet brand was founded by Greg Johnsen, Jon Buscemi and Gregg Lucci. All these guys do, is cook up excellence in the kitchen and on your feet.

In this video they did for Frank151, you’ll get to know the brand that will make you hungry for more and you’ll also get the meanest recipe for a Lobster Parmesan sandwich EVAH! If I could wear a pair of Uno’s while eating their food, I’d totally scrap my Weight Watchers points tally for the day.


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