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The Celtics were thinking about Game 7 in the second quarter of Game 6. Last night’s beating was that severe.

When Lamar Odom picked off a Paul Pierce pass and launched it upcourt to Jordan Farmar for a fastbreak dunk, the Celtics found themselves trailing, 45-25. There were still nearly 30 minutes of basketball left.

Backs against the wall, the Lakers were as dominant as they were desperate and all the Celtics could do was watch.

Their 31-point first half effort was one short of a NBA record low. Their 67 points were not only their lowest in a postseason game, but it tied for the second-lowest Finals total since the advent of the shot clock in 1955…
Boston Globe

Elbowing people in the jaw is now apparently legal
I’m not asking for much here, I don’t think. All I want is when a guy puts an elbow up and it connects with a guy’s jaw… that a whistle be blown.

Just a thought.
Reds Army

Celtics called for traveling
Ray Allen had a decent, but not great, performance in the Celtics ’ 89-67 loss to the Lakers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals last night at the Staples Center, scoring 19 points. But Allen did some of his best work after the game, this in response to a question about whether the Celtics were worn down from having traveled across the country on Monday.

And you’re probably thinking: Wait a minute, didn’t the Lakers also have to travel across the country? Exactly Ray Allen’s point.

“Both teams had to come back,” he said. “I won’t use any excuse or make any reason. They had more energy than us. They were home, in their building.

“I didn’t feel any different,” he said. “I felt pretty good myself, and I’d like to think everybody else felt good. We can’t use that as an excuse.”
Boston Herald

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