Andrew Bynum And His Sketchy Knee

Straight up, when the playoffs roll around team doctors can’t be trusted because, the organization needs wins more thanĀ ever. Enter the case of Andrew Bynum and his knee that’s reached some kinda tear maximum.

Kobe pronounced himself “pleasantly surprised” by his health. Of course, by then Andrew Bynum had been found to have a “small tear” of cartilage in his right knee, but had put off surgery. “Everything had to be checked off between doctors,” Coach Phil Jackson said Monday. “No further harm would be done accordingly.”

No further harm would be done? Uhh.. hello, dude has a ripped knee and kinda plays in the NBA where amazing, running and jumping occurs regularly. As Mark Heislner of the LA Times so obviously points out, “No further harm” isn’t language typically associated with tears, which, by definition — could tear more.

For the longterm sake of Bynum’s career, hopefully he’s reached this magical tear maximum.

H/N LA Times

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