Tonight Could Be David Lee’s Garden Finale

Tonight at Madison Square Garden when the visiting Washington Wizards play the Knicks in their home finale. It could also be the finale for David Lee as a Knickerbocker. In five seasons since they drafted him, Lee has played 185th regular-season games in the fabled Garden and hasn’t missed a game in New York since 2006-2007.

“I’m sure it will be an interesting feeling [tonight],” said Lee after scoring 26 points yesterday in a 111-98 Garden loss to the Heat. “I’ve had good memories in this place. I’m thankful I’ve been here this long. And we’ll see if I’m here even longer. I hope that I am, but it will be mixed emotions for me [tonight].”

Of course, only under the Knicks dysfunctional watch could this situation even be happening. While Lee isn’t the best power forward in the league, what he adds to a team especially the Knicks is invaluable.

In all but two of his NBA seasons, Lee has averaged a double-double mostly while coming off the bench and the only Knick left since his career began is Eddy Curry.

Maybe the Knicks will end up resigning Lee this summer to keep him around which would be wise, but coming off an all-star season, it’s gonna cost them a few dollars stashed away for LeBron use.

H/N NY Post

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