Real Madrid Offering Ginobili $13.5M

The balder Manu Ginobili gets the better he gets and apparently the richer he gets too — if he should decided to uproot and move to Spain to play for Real Madrid in the Euroleague for $13.5 million.

Spanish newspaper Marca has reported that Real are very interested in bringing the 32-year-old guard in and would be willing to pay him close to $3 million more than what he is earning this season. Ginobili is set to become unrestricted free agent this summer after spending all eight of his NBA seasons to date with the San Antonio Spurs and playing a leading role in their three championships. He is set to make $10.7 million in the final year of a deal he signed with the San Antonio in 2004.

In the spirit of Noche Latina, if Ginobili tells the Spurs “Vaya con dios” and says “Qué pasa?” Real Madrid this summer. I would not blame him one bit.


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