NBA Live 10 vs. NBA JAM 2010 vs. NBA 2K10

With NBA JAM back on the scene with a gangster lean. What was once a two video game title race between NBA Live 10 and NBA 2K10 has become a three video game title death match that will leave gamers everywhere with a tough decision. Which one to buy?

The choice gets even tougher after you see all the trailers for each title because they’re pretty sick as you’ll see below, but I’ll ask you again with a third combatant this time around this year.

Which video game title is king in 2010?

Check out all the trailers and vote after the jump.

NBA Live 10

NBA Jam 2010

NBA 2K10

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  1. You can’t really put NBA Jam 10 in comparison because its trying to be an arcade game. Overall, NBA2K10 wins by a picture perfect finish.

  2. NBA JAM 10 will be the funniest, while NBA 2K10 will remain the realest and NBA Live 10 needs to go back in the lab again.

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