Clippers Tell Mike Dunleavy Peace

From the outside looking in, the Clippers organization seems like the greatest reality not produced by Mark Burnett, so nothing I hear about them is remotely shocking anymore. So the fact that Mike Dunleavy (who a real team would have fired ages ago) was fired after being promoted to General Manager a few months back, sounds just about right. Here is the statement the Clippers released after they canned Dunleavy.

“The organization has determined that the goal of building a winning team is best served by making this decision at this time.

“The team has simply not made sufficient progress during Dunleavy’s seven-year tenure. The Clippers want to win now. This transition, in conjunction with a full commitment to dedicate unlimited resources, is designed to accomplish that objective.”

Good grief Charlie Brown. As far as bad jobs go, being apart of the losing machine that is the Clippers front office has got to be up there with passing out flyers, telemarketing and cleaning up after Snoopy. I mean, this organization has not made a real winning decision in decades and if it wasn’t for the Lakers, they wouldn’t have a fan base. Am I right? Or am I right?

H/N LA Times

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