Celtics Interested In Finley

One of the biggest concerns for the Celtics this year has been age. Paul Pierce, Rasheed Wallace, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett have all authenticated their birth certificates through play this season and by acquiring Nate Robinson, it is clear that GM Danny Ainge is fully aware of his core groups birthdays.

So would signing recently waived 36-year old Michael Finley make any sense?

The San Antonio Spurs waived veteran swingman Michael Finley on Monday and the Celtics are considering bringing him in to fill one of their two remaining roster spots, according to NBA sources.

The Celtics are on the brink of running out of deep playoff fuel and they need to either get some young legs or  rest the core group. It’s a luxury to play in the eastern conference and the Celtics might as well take advantage of it. As long as they can rest guys and still finish 4th in the east, making it to the second round is a near lock — unless the Hawks slip and they face Atlanta in the first round.

H/N Boston Globe

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