Marbury Makes His China Debut

Despite being jet lagged, former Knick Stephon Marbury made his debut in the Chinese Basketball Association yesterday and tallied 15 points, 8 dimes, four steals and four rebounds with his new club Shanxi who lost 102-101 to Dongguan Marco Polo.

“The time difference is a big problem,” Marbury told The Post via Skype yesterday. “I wake up early, in the middle of the night, and stay up most of the day. It stinks. I have not played since the last game against the Magic [in the second round of the playoffs last May]. So I was tired. I played 28 minutes, all of the fourth quarter. Talk about being tired. Wow. It was fun being out there though.”

It’s good to see Starbury back in the mix playing somewhere and if he eventually makes it back to the NBA don’t be surprised.

H/N New York Post

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