Adidas Drops Gilbert Arenas

On the same day that Gilbert Arenas entered a plea of guilty on felony gun charges. Uber sportswear giant Adidas decided to drop Agent Zero as one of their sponsored athletes. Yikes!

Athletic company Adidas said Friday it was dumping longtime endorser Gilbert Arenasof the Washington Wizards following his guilty plea on felony gun charges in Washington, D.C.

Who would have thought bringing four guns to work could cause so much problems??? The way this Arenas deal is being treated from all angles, I fully expect to see him in an orange jumpsuit provided by the state for a few days at the very least when a judge comes to a final decision.

Maybe when this is all over, Arenas can get an endorsement deal with Bad Idea Jeans.


  1. Adidas just made the biggest mistake that they will regret when they look back. They have done this before with Kobe and he signed with Nike and made it even bigger. I believe that the same will happen with Gilbert, but I would like to see him in Li-Ning instead of Nikes. Li-Ning is a chinese shoes and clothing company that has Baron Davis, Shane Battier and Shaq as endorsers. I hope that they can start making deals now since Gil is free from Adidas.

    Is this how Adidas promote Brotherhood? Leave your brother behind when they are dealing with problems? Thanks Adidas…..

    Free Arenas Now!!!!

  2. Arenas is a tool! Frankly, I hope he gets kicked out of the league! He send a terrible message to kids with his behaviour.

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