Joakim Noah Not Impressed By Dancing LeBron

Last night, the Bulls got beat like they stole something by the Cavaliers 87-101 and Joakim Noah clearly frustrated by the beat down occurring coupled with LeBron James auditioning for FAME throughout the game. Had some choice words for LeBron calling him a “b*tch” when he was at the free throw line and Noah was on the bench.

As you can see, this got the King’s attention. After the game according to Yahoo! Sports, James had this to say about the incident.

“It’s nothing against the Bulls and it’s nothing against Joakim or none of those guys,” he said. “It’s nothing about showboating on a team. I’ve seen it happen all last year. I think he (Noah) was more frustrated about the way he played as an individual. He didn’t help his team win.”

I guess the dancing LeBron did on the court, extended to his after game answers too — there I said it.

via NQTCYahoo! Sports

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