Learn How To Draw LeBron James

I’m not too sure how big of a basketball fan artist Merrill Kazanjian is, but I do know¬†what he can do with a pencil, paper, and blending tool is pretty damn amazing.

In this video clip not only does Kazanjian draw a bang on depiction of King James, but he also outlines the 24 simple steps you need to get the same results. However from this day forth, everytime I see LeBron I will be thinking of rainbows and Pizza Hut thanks to this tutorial too.

After the jump, see each step and start scribbling.

Step 1- Make a rainbow shape
Step 2- Make another rainbow shape above the first, with a slightly higher arc. This will be LeBron’s headband. At the end of this step, it should resemble a banana shape.
Step 3- Make one more rainbow shape slightly above the top of the headband this will be Lebrons hair.
Step 4- Is a little tricky. Add the 2 shapes that you see. Notice that the one on (your) left is slightly larger than the one on (your) right.
Step 5- Add the backward L shape that you see.
Step 6- Add the shape that looks like the “little dipper” (pot shape).
Step 7- Add the next 2 lines. Notice that these two lines connect with the bottom of the shape from step 4.
Step 8- Add the 2 small rainbow shapes for the tops of Lebrons Eyes, and take an extra second to notice how each end connects to form a new shape above the eye.
Step 9- Add 2 U shapes under each eye lid. Dont make circles though, leave the top blocked by the upper eyelid.
Step 10- Take a second to observe the gross outline of the nose. Notice that the shape is about the same height as the forehead.
Step 11- The next lines that you see are the outline of Lebrons moustache. Notice that the 2 vertical lines go DIRECTLY below the mid part of Lebrons eyes.
Step 12- Next, put in Lebrons upper lip. Notice that it looks like a flattened letter M.
Step 13- Now put in his bottom lip. It is shaped like a boat. The shape in between the 2 lips looks like the roof of a Pizza Hut.
Step 14- Now, do your best to put in the ear shapes. Notice that his head is turned slightly, so the ear on your right will be a little smaller.
Step 15- Try to observe the line for his chin and jaw and then draw it.
Step 16- Observe and add these lines for the neck.
Step 17- Add the shoulders
Step 18- This v shape will be an important shadow on the neck.
Step 19- Add the W shape between the chin and lower lip.
Step 20- Connect the W shape with the bottom of each ear.
Step 21- Add the nostrils
Step 22- Add the bottom line for the eye.
Step 23- Add two V shapes under the eyes
Step 24- For the final step before we shade, notice the three shapes that are being added on each ear.


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