Aldridge Signs Extention With Portland

After hitting some snag in the deal negotiations, the Portland Trailblazers signed forward LaMarcus Aldridge Thursday to a five-year contract extension with an estimated value of $65 million.

The 6-foot-11, 240-pound Texas product was originally seeking a similar deal that the Blazers struck with All-Star Brandon Roy, a five year $80 million dollar extension, according to reports. He eventually settled on a deal worth roughly $15 million less after months of negotiation.

Aldridge, acquired from Chicago in a draft day trade on June, 2006, played in 81 games last year for Portland.


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  1. And let the mediocrity begin, worse move ever because Portland thinks when he reaches potential that he will be under payed for his talents, but what will happen is he will rebound less and fall in love with jump shots more and basically turn into well lets see….Zach Randolph is too harsh, Chris Bosh is too much, umm lets go with Vince Carter if he was a power forward. PERFECT

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