Bruce Bowen Retires

Bruce Bowen has known for some time that this day would come. And now that it’s here, he’s feeling surprisingly calm about it. The former Spurs great is retiring from the NBA.

“I’m very happy,” Bowen, 38, said this morning. “It hasn’t been difficult. I was content about it and understood it was going to happen.”

At a news conference this afternoon at the Yardley’s Salon and Spa, the business he owns with his wife, Yardley, Bowen will officially hang up his sneakers and move toward a future that will still include ties to basketball.

In addition to working on his local business and charity interests, Bowen had an audition with ESPN earlier this week and will be working on something with Turner Broadcasting later. He may also be doing some broadcasting work on high school games. He also hopes to continue his advertising work with H-E-B, Hallmark Institute and AT&T.

San Antonio Express News

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