Dwight Howard Working On His Offense

If Dwight Howard had more of an offensive repertoire, opposing centers in the NBA would have to regularly visit Father Carmine before they faced D-12 so he could throw down a quick blessing before guarded the man child. If Howard keeps working out the way he has this summer, Father Carmine can expect to see a few NBA faces in the near future.

For five days a week, Howard has reported to the gymnasium for drills. He’s usually in the building by 5:30 a.m., allowing for a second session at night on most days. Howard spends 90 minutes in the weight room, carefully crafting the NBA’s most ripped and powerful physique. And then it’s another 90 minutes in the gym, working on his touch around the rim and his steadily improving jump shot.

If Howard picks up a jump hook, a respectable free-throw percentage and a slightly better than average mid-range shot. He’ll be in the MVP picture, from game 1 of 82.

Via hoopsworld

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