Knicks Have Their Sights On Miller


Chris Duhon is a good dude, but he’s just not a starting point in the NBA yet. Donnie Walsh kinda got that memo late and now he’s trying to make up for it by offering Andre Miller some cash to man the point for the Knicks.

Walsh also appears close to making Sixers point guard Andre Miller a formal offer for the one-year, $5.8 million midlevel exception, feeling there is a chance of stealing him. The Sixers will not offer Miller more than a one-year deal.

Miller will be 34 next season and the Sixers are going with youth. A Sixers source said Philadelphia general manager Ed Stefanski is talking to several teams about sign-and-trades but has yet to hear from the Knicks. The source said it is doubtful the Sixers and Knicks could reach a sign-and-trade deal.

Miller is an upgrade from Duhon, but he’s still not the perfect guard to play in D’Antoni’s system. If the Knicks are willing to offer Miller a one-year deal for  $5.8 million. Why not just sign Allen Iverson to play the point? With balls flying in the air every 7 seconds with the D’Antoni offense, it’s a perfect match.

Via New York Post

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