Marion To Mavs, Turkoglu To Raps And Other Dudes To Other Places In Four-Way Deal


A lot of players went other places today as a four-way deal between Dallas, Toronto, Memphis and Orlando went down with Wal-Mart like logistics precision.

The Dallas Mavericks acquired four-time All-Star forward Shawn Marion from the Toronto Raptors in a multi-player, four-team trade, they said on Thursday.

Marion, forward Kris Humphries and center Nathan Jawai will join the Mavericks from the Raptors in exchange for guard Antoine Wright and forward Devean George, plus two-way cash considerations.

In related moves, the Orlando Magic sent prized free agent Hedo Turkoglu to Toronto for cash considerations from the Mavericks and Raptors while Dallas traded Jerry Stackhouse to the Memphis Grizzlies for fellow guard Greg Buckner.

Just for poops and laughter, I’m gonna try this deal on NBA 2K9 and substitute the two-way cash considerations for a first round draft pick to see if it works there too. Either way, I”m sure digital Jerry Stackhouse will be pissed he’s going to Memphis like real life Jerry Stackhouse probably is.

Via Reuters

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