The Brandon Jennings And Joe Budden Convo

I haven’t been interested in anything Joe Budden has said since his hit song “Pump It Up” came out in 1312 B.C. and after this “leaked” phone conversation of Budden talking to his buddy Brandon Jennings who ends up dissing players and organizations, my interest level hasn’t changed.

Of course all the fuss is about what Jennings said about the Knicks, Ricky Rubio and Chris Duhon. But come on! Were we meant to hear this conversation in the first place? No. So why are people trippin’ that dude was speaking real talk with his supposed boy, who sold him out? This conversation was never meant for the public so, of course we’re going to hear all types of stuff Jennings would never say to the media and everybody should relax.

Let me break it down for you why. If we had a wire tap on Michael Jordan or Reggie Miller’s phone back in the day they would be saying f*ck the Knicks to somebody before each game too. Especially Miller! As a matter of fact, I bet  before and after Kobe Bryant dropped 61 on the Knicks, he said the same thing to Vanessa too.

Anyway, the transcribed conversation is after the jump and if you want to listen to the video it’s NSFW, unless you work at Def Jam and you want to see and hear Joe Budden make an @ss out of himself. BTW, Good call Hova.

On next season in Milwaukee

Budden: You better worry about Ramon Sessions, diggin’ in your a**, pause.
Jennings: He’s not going to be here. [inaudible] That money is going to Charlie.
Budden: N****, Ramon Sessions is gonna be there.
Jennings: I doubt it.
Budden: They ain’t go no other guards.
Jennings: Ridnour.
Budden: N****, get that bum-a** n**** outta here.
Jennings: He’s going to be a backup.
Budden: To who?
Jennings: To who? Who else n****?

On what happened on draft night

Budden: Who was hatin’ on you?
Jennings: Jay Bilas.
Budden: What happened? You ran in the draft late or some dumb s*** like a loser?
Jennings: No, I was at the hotel. This is what happened right. My agent is like “Well, we ain’t hear nothing .We ain’t have no guarantee.” So we makin’ phone calls and s*** and n***** is saying like “The workouts is great and everything and he’s the best point guard but we don’t know yet, we just don’t know.”
Budden: They didn’t say that about Rick Rubio, number one, and number two they didn’t say you the best point guard. They said your jump shot is shaky, you got some potential, but your work ethic is bull****. You averaged 3 points.
Jennings: You’re a liar. I know you’re lying now.
Budden: I’m just telling you what they said.
Jennings: That ain’t nothing but a college person.
Budden: Just tell me what happened. You end up running in the draft? I tunred it off after that.
Jennings: No, n****, I came out there and made my appearance n**** and I had the best appearance out of all them n******. And I was the best dressed, they said, by the way. I was the best dressed.

On whether he’ll start next season

Budden: You think you gonna start for real though?
Jennings: I don’t know, actually, I really don’t know.
Budden: I heard that n**** Scott Skiles is an a**h***.
Jennings: That n**** tough, that n**** tough though. There must be a reason he liked me. There must be a reason.

On Ricky Rubio and the Knicks

Budden: Let me know when Minnesota get there. So I can watch Rubio light your f****** a** up. I never seen a n**** hate on Rubio so much.
Jennings: [inaudible]
Budden: You know what’s funny? You’re the only guard in the draft talking s*** about Rubio.
Jennings: The other n***** are scared.
Budden: What are you going to do when Rubio comes to the Knicks?
Jennings: Rubio is not coming, they are not giving up Rubio. You got Jordan Hill, you happy with that?
Budden: I don’t really know enough about Jordan Hill to be happy … I’m happy with Toney Douglas.
Jennings: I know they were booing this n****.
Budden: What does that mean? They boo everybody n****.
Jennings: If it was Stpehen Curry, them n***** would’ve went crazy in there.
Budden: Shut the f*** up, you don’t even know nothing about New York basketball.
F*** the Knicks, them n***** skipped out on me.
Oh man, you feel to the Knicks like I do about Jay-Z? [Laughs] Yo, the Knicks is your Jay-Z?
F*** the Knicks, them n***** is always going to be weak.
This is where I f****** hang up on your f****** ass for talking stupid.
Duhon ain’t gonna get it done.

Transcription via The Sporting News


  1. Joe Budden might be a worse friend than an artist. Recording his convo with Jennings was a straight bitch move!

  2. No wonder Jay Z dropped his clown @ss from Def Jam! I would only expect this kinda stuff from someone like Perez Hilton or something.

    Joe Budden your better than that.

  3. Budden’s entire life is online. His camera is always on & the people in his life know that. You clowns can now return to your Soulja Boy compilations and dance.

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