Rip Hamilton Is Having A Great Summer

The Shanghai leg of an NBA cheerleading-squad contest yesterday selected eight cheerleaders for the semifinals. The eight may have the chance to go to the United States to perform at an NBA game, organizers said.

Arranged by China Central Television’s sports channel, Tsingtao Beer and the National Basketball Association, the contest will take place in 48 cities across the country over the next six months. The Shanghai leg, held at Shanghai University, was the second preliminary contest.

The contest is divided into six areas. Each area will select eight cheerleaders from 12 squads. A total of 48 cheerleaders will participate in the semifinals in Guangzhou and Xi’an. Twelve will be selected to take part in the finals in Beijing. They will be flown to the US for professional cheerleading training and may get the chance to perform at an NBA game.

At the first preliminary heat, held in Jinan, Shandong Province, on June 2, NBA star Richard Hamilton was there to encourage the cheerleaders.

Shanghai Daily

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