Freshly Dipped: You Can Hate Me Now

Kobe Bryant is officially one of the best players in the NBA of all-time. He’s won four NBA titles, an MVP trophy, a slam dunk title, two scoring titles, named an All-Star 11 times and even brought Brandy to his prom when Moesha was just about to jump off. Yet, Kobe Bryant may also be one of the most hated athletes in sports today.

Well, on Sunday after he won his first NBA finals MVP award handed to him by and named after Bill Russell and raised his first Shaq free Larry O’Brien trophy. More haters were born.

So if being one of the best is reason to hate somebody, you can officially hate Kobe Bryant now. If you’re a player congratulator, then cop the “You Can Hate Me Now” tee by K1X and let those haters choke on that Haterade they be guzzlin’ daily.

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