Top 5: Other Mask Options For Rip Hamilton

Since 2003 – 2004, Richard Hamilton has worn his now trademark protective mask due to a few nose fractures too many and he now wears it so he won’t break his nose again. The other reason Hamilton has kept the mask on is because he feels it brings him good luck.

But since the Pistons stink and Rip is coming off the bench now, the good luck has run out and Richard Hamilton needs new options.

So here are the Top 5: Other Mask Options For Rip Hamilton.

5. Cobra Commander’s Mask

It’s kinda over kill for face protection but, it goes great with the Pistons blue and red!

4. A Ninja Mask

Sneaky and classic. The nose protection is horrible, but they can’t break what they can’t see!

3. The Mask Of Vulcan

This metal bucket will make you strong enough to knock Hercules out, and it still looks better than Rip’s plastic mask.

2. Docor Doom’s Mask

It’s good enough for the Monarch of Latveria and one of my favorite rappers MF Doom, plus it provides great nose protection!

1. Jason’s Goalie Mask

Who’ll guard you? Dead people, that who! Nose protection and you will be open all night with defenders running away from you.

I’ve check the NBA rule book and there’s no fine for being too awesome yet, so Rip can easily wear one of these masks at anytime to change his fortunes.

If I was him, I would just rotate all 5.


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