Yao Wants McGrady Traded

It looks like the on going problems associated with constant jinx Tracy McGrady is finally getting to Yao Ming and McGrady could find himself on the trading block. If that happens, the Rockets can say “Hellooooo second round”.

“According to a report by David Aldridge on NBA.com, Rockets C Yao Ming is no longer talking to co-star Tracy McGrady and wants him gone. However, McGrady’s hefty contract and diminishing skills makes him hard to deal.

The story says McGrady’s injury battles are putting a strain on the team much in the same way Grant Hill‘s ankle issues used to limit the Orlando Magic.”

Orlando Sentinel


  1. I think it is time to part wayes with mcgrady. If you look how good Artest and Yao jell together any idiot would know its time to move tmac. I think the trade to charlotte looks really interesting from ones ive seen on the net.


    Basicly 3 for 3 trade.


    Works for both teams salary wise
    With the addition of Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, and the emergance of DJ. and with this trade getting Tracy Mcgrady along with Okfor the bobcats might actually start competting. Ticket sales would go off the roof in Charlotte. That team looks pretty good and head, hayes is also much needed bench for the bobcats that dont have one. The Rockets might get hurt a bit on this trade but i belive with the trade deadline coming and the rockets woes with tmac. Wallace can come in and bang with artest and yao. Felton is a true point guard that the rockets have never had, and i think this team could be a impact because of its strong defence and bench. Well of Course because of Landry and Aaron Brooks of the bench amongst all.

    So this trade helps both teams really.

  2. I think you just found the perfect formula for the Rockets to make it deep into the playoffs and the Bobcats to become a really relevant!

    This is a win-win trade straight up and down!

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