The PA Will Make Like PE And Fight The Power

The Players Association has the back of Darius Miles after they got the letter from the Blazers government the other day, that said they were suckers and for good reason. At this point, the Trail Blazers should pray Miles gets signed or be prepared for being on the hook for future losses because of the boycott e-mail sent by Larry Miller.

Darius Miles got a raw deal, ya’ll!

“Despite recent litigation threats against NBA teams interested in signing free agent forward Darius Miles by the Portland Trail Blazers, the NBA and the players’ union put out memos in his defense today. The NBA Player’s Association also has filed a grievance against the Blazers. Miles, who played for Boston in the preseason, only has to play in two more games in order to cause the Blazers to be on the hook for $18 million in salary. Portland sent out an e-mail to NBA teams yesterday threatening to sue if a team attempted to sign Miles to damage the franchise financially.”

Boston Globe Blog

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