Fan With A Serious Cedric Maxwell Fetish

Every extra dollar helps these days and unless your Mark Cuban or an astronaut, times are tough. So if you live in Boston, don’t mind being ogled, and like cleaning. Boy, do I ever have a Craigslist job posting for you! It pays $50 an hour and if you make sure a friend waits to make sure your safe after the job is done. You’ll get some extra scratch and your mystery “employer” won’t have a chance to wear your kidneys as a hat. It’s a win, win! Here is the Craigslist post below.

“im looking for a girl to come over and help clean my room while you wear a cedric maxwell jersey. i have the jersey, you just have to wear it. no nude or anything. we’ll probably listen to BURN and have NBA tv on”

And you thought you liked Cedric Maxwell a lot! 

Via Don Chavez + Craigslist

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