Karl Impressed With K-Mart

George Karl is so impressed with the hard nose play of a healthy Kenyon Martin, that he believes K-Mart is now one of the best defensive players in the league.  

“All these years, and George Karl had never seen anything like it. Kenyon Martin always plays tough defense, as seen on display Monday and Tuesday against Portland, but in Monday’s game, “(Portland) would call a play, we’d tell them the play from the bench, and Kenyon would go and take that guy. . . . He took responsibility, he wanted the guy. I’ve seen coaches orchestrate that, but I’ve never seen a player orchestrate that.” Martin, the Nuggets’ power forward, has played such brilliant defense this season that Karl said, “if statistically, we would end the season where we are defensively now, I think he’d have to get recognition as an all-defensive player.” 

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