Freshly Dipped: A $114K Jordan Throwback Jersey

So how much do you really like Michael Jordan? Not as much as this guy, who parked his hover car long enough to buy the most expensive basketball jersey ever!  This unknown huge MJ fan, bought Jordan’s 1983 North Carolina Tar Heels, game-used, jersey at an auction held at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass for a dizzying $114,000 US.

This was the same jersey that Jordan wore as a Freshman when he hit the game winning shot against Georgetown to give the North Carolina Tar Heels a 63-62 victory and the 1982 NCAA championship. Save for LeBron’s 2003 jersey, available in 2028 now my friends!

After the jump, more Jordan collectibles you can’t afford unless you regularly wear a monocle and never complain about gas prices. 

Air Jordan Store Sneakers; autographed by Jordan; white and red; includes original box; size 11; $570. 

Yearbook; Junior High School; signed at the time; black-and-white photo inside of Jordan dunking basketball; 1980; $1,800. 

Home jersey; game-used; Chicago Bulls; red, white and black; 1986-1987; Bulls 23 in front; Jordan 23 in back; $7,800. 

Road jersey; game-used; Chicago Bulls; across front Bulls team name displayed; on back Jordan and player number 45; red, white and black; 1994-1995; $10,200. 

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