All-Anything: The NBA All Blogger First Team

The All-Anything team will now be a regular staple of your nutritious Hooped Up diet since it’s been met with such a positive response. I meant to have this team up earlier but, what can I say…It’s hard out there for a blogger. This go around, I’ve assembled the “All NBA Blogger First Team”. To make this prestigious team, you still must be playing in the league and have a blog that’s different from the rest.

Read and RSS away ya’ll!

PG – Gilbert Arenas
No surprise here. Without a doubt, the most popular NBA player blog on the net! Arenas just let’s his opinion fly and we love every word of it!

Featured Post: What Makes an All-Star?
Excerpt of Greatness: “On the East side, I don’t know if there were any big snubs. I mean, some people wanted Jose Calderon. Jose Calderon? Who? Come on man, this is All-Star, people. When I’ve seen some of the names that are being thrown around on the ticker as snubs, it’s killing me. I understand Calderon has the best assist-turnover ratio in the league, but you know what’s funny? All back-up point guards have the best assist-turnover ratios. Screw it, Kevin Ollie should be an All-Star then! For like five or six years, Ollie was No. 1 in assist-turnover ratio!”

SG – Jamal Crawford
Even though Crawford was sent packing to Golden State by the Knicks, his young blog was a breath of fresh air for Knick fans and his honesty and insight was a welcome alternative to the New York media content machine.

Featured Post: So you think I’m a loser?
Excerpt of Greatness: “This is the biggest area that I HAVE to improve on and where I’m criticized the most…and for good reason. I HONESTLY feel like I can make every shot that I take. You have to understand that’s how I feel when I play. Some nights it happens but a lot of times it doesn’t. And I believe this along with WINNING is the difference in me being a good player and a great player.

I’m going to continue to get better at it…I know you’re probably thinking, ‘he’s in his ninth year, if it hasn’t happened already, it won’t.’ There’s some truth to that, but to me, I don’t believe it.”

SF – Ron Artest
The most interesting video blog in the league hands down! To say Ron-Ron is unique would be an understatement! This is already my favorite player vlog only a few entries in, because Ron Artest is the Mark Burnett of the NBA!


Featured Post: Ron Artest on #2

PF – Channing Frye
I really had no idea just how funny the former graduate of Stanford was until I read this post from his blog and nearly had milk coming out of my nose from laughter! Insightful yes. Funny HELLS YA!

Featured Post: For Dre
Excerpt of Greatness: “I get on the plane sit in my nice comfortable 1st class seat and to my dismay the “bubble gut monster” arose his bubbly badness inside my stomach. What I mean is that I had to lay down a huge fart. If we were outside in the woods or maybe at an all-guys party I would have tore a hole in the universe but I had to hold it. Too many people too soon and I knew it was gonna smell.

As we all do, you just squeeze and hlde it except the flight is 3:30 hrs long. I was in for it. I tried drinking more water. At the exact moment I felt my stomach really start to hurt and from me holding it too long, also giving me a headache, it was the last straw. There was no one in the seat next to me so I was gonna let it ride. I asked the stewardess for two blankets to tame the stinky beast that was about to be let loose on the world. I acted like I was falling asleep, positioning, and…as if God had the best sense of humor ever, a man sits down looking at me straight in my eyes. I have to abort mission. Alpha bravo team cancel that operation.”

C – Tyson Chandler
I love this blog! Tyson Chandler focuses his post on his family life, instead of his basketball life and that makes his blog ultra relatable. When you read his blog Chandler comes across as a regular guy that just happens to also be a 6’11 center for the Hornets and that’s awesome!


Featured Post: Eddy’s Advice
Excerpt of Greatness: “Eddy Curry had a baby before me and he came to me a couple of weeks before my wife was due and sat me down.

He says, “Tyson.”

I’m like, “Yeah?”

“Do me a favor.” He’s all serious, and Eddy’s never serious. He’s always joking around.

I’m like, “Yeah?”

He says, “Don’t look.”

I’m like, “What are you talking about?”

He says, “Don’t look. But you’re stupid. You’re gonna look.”

I’m like, “Eddy, what are you talking about?”

He says, “Don’t go down there and look. But you’re stupid. You’re gonna get curious and you’re gonna go down there and look.”

I started laughing, because I finally figured out what he was talking about, and I’m like, “Eddy, man I’m not gonna look.”

He says, “I’m not playing, Tyson. Don’t look. It’ll mess you up for a while!”

I’m like, “Eddy, I’m not gonna look.”

He kept going on and on. “Tyson, don’t look.”

I’m like, “Eddy, shut up! Enough! I’m not gonna look.”


So the day comes and Sacha’s godmother is there with us and the doctor. Sacha’s godmother is down at the other end, helping hold my wife’s legs and I’m up at her head. The whole time, everything’s going fine and they’re like, “Oh, we can see the baby’s hair!”

And here I go and get curious and take a peak. I almost passed out.

It took me close to a year to get over that.”

Honorary Coach – Mark Cuban
Cuban has an opinion about everything from Obama, to the SEC to FroHawks. As the coach of this team, Cuban can also proved tech support and roboust servers. Hate him or Love him,  you gotta respect that he never sits on the fence and always provides an interesting read.


Featured Post: My Marketing Advice To Professional Athletes
Excerpt Of Greatness:
“Friends don’t let friends wear the FroHawk. If you are a soon to be pro athlete and are considering hiring an agent. Just do the “FroHa Search”. If they have any clients with Fro Hawks, pick a different agent.”


  1. This list isn’t as lame as having a blog called “to the tin”. I guess the marketing people were out that day huh?

    Great list HU!

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