The NBA 2K9 Bounce Tour Is Fresh!

The Knux 2K9 Bounce Tour

I’ve been caught up in life lately, so when the video game / music / basketball gods (who I assume work in the same office), smiled on me with free tickets to the NBA 2K9 Bounce Tour last Friday. I was more excited than JJ Redick getting meaningful PT to check it out. This is the 4th year of the NBA 2K Bounce Tour, and this year’s line up was The Knux, The Cool Kids and Q-Tip.

If you’re familiar with these names, then you know these guys represent independent Hip-Hop aka “the good $hit” that for some reason never has main stream success, until some suit decides to use their music for an Apple or Gap advert. Don’t wait until that happens to see these guys, because they absolutely killed it live! The Knux had a delicious buffet of sound , The Cool Kids gave Dyno Bikes and Sega, a beat with lyrics and Q-Tip shut the venue down like a legend should, with a live band! DJ Scratch is also on this tour and his solo set was like watching Magic Johnson orchestrate an offense. Accurate, Dangerous and Limitless! Anytime I get a chance to watch DJ Scratch at work, I’m all smiles!

Although I haven’t done my 2K9 review yet, this concert remains one of the reasons that the 2K series remains head and shoulders above the rest. Their games and soundtracks don’t wait until things are “cool” to try a new approach, they just blaze the trail and let others worry about trying to keep up. If you get a chance to go see this concert as it passes through your city, check it out before a company with a white background in their commercial convinces you to do so. For me the NBA 2K series has officially told NBA Live to “Step Off….Gigantor!”

Also, if and when check out this concert be aware that the 80’s are fully in the house! Please count and enjoy the rope chains, high-top fades and Troop jackets you see in the crowd and battle dance anybody you can! And oh ya, keep your eyes open for free swag lying around in the form of 2K9 demos and 2K9 soundtracks.

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