Amare Is Bringing Change In Sierra Leone

Amare Stoudemire might have not shared in the spotlight of the USA Olympic Redeem team this summer, but his summer was definitely life changing for himself and others. This summer with his Each 1, Teach 1 Foundation, Stoudemire journeyed to Sierra Leone to fund and aid in the building of water wells to provide fresh and clean water to several impoverished villages throughout the country.

He also met with the President of Sierra Leone to discuss building an eco-friendly Academy, using local resources and materials to provide kids with education and recreational activities.

“This is a trip that I had been looking forward to taking my whole life,” he said of the experience. “We had already begun to help the communities in Sierra Leone, and it was great to see the efforts in person. One water well built provides water for 450 people, so as you can see, the impact is huge.”

I absolutely love this story! To keep track of this amazing project Amare Stoudemire is undertaking, visit his website

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