Jackson Refuses To Wear Goggles

Stephen Jackson has a slightly injured eye, after being poked in it by Chris Kaman, but he’ll be in Davy Jones’ Locker before he’ll wear protective goggles or stop taking shots at Rip Hamilton and his mask mi maties, tis true.

“No goggles. No, no, no. Never. I’m not going to be like Rip Hamilton, where my nose is broken eight years ago and I still wear a mask,” said Jackson, who injured the same eye during the preseason. “The only way I’ll wear a patch is if my eye’s closed. I’d rather stay with Captain Jack, not Pirate Jack.”

San Francisco Gate

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  1. I wasn’t a Stephen Jackson fan EVER, but I might have to re evaluate after this little rant…..funny as he!!
    The Caption best fitted for this is “Don’t Treat Your Jackson Like A Full Grown Man……..NO..NO..NO..NO……Feed Him Puppy Chow…..Or Goggles” Only some old school fewers will get that one..

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