Freshly Dipped: When In Rome

If you liked the Obama dunks on McCain tee, which is by far the most accurate depiction of a political campaign that was only missing the post-dunk shattered glass. You’ll be happy to know Undrcrwn has now made a Brandon Jennings tribute tee that reflects his decision to skip college and test the waters as a pro in the Italian League with club Lottomatica Roma.

One word, Sick!

Via Dustin Canalin + Ball Don’t Lie


  1. Good on this kid…..Ask yourself what’s better for him…….getting snubbed by the most power hungry Commisioner in Pro Sports or get some much needed and soon to be greatly appreciated culture. No other sport snubs or trys to snub their young guns. Their are over 8 18 year olds in the NHL making impacts on their clubsNone that have a College education, or will get one or probably have their diploma from High School…….and last time I checked Hockey is the one sport that burns out the youth prospects the fastest…..but OH WELL.

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