Miller And Williams Got Beef


This “beef” seems kinda weird because both of these guys hardly say a word, look like mannerable gents and are never involved in any donny brook-ery.  Maybe this beef cooked up because somebody didn’t say “thank you” or “hello” are something.

“ARGHHH!, I’ll teach you some manners laddy!!!”

“Mo Williams is still trying to figure out exactly what set off Andre Miller during the Cavaliers’ 100-93 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday night in Quicken Loans Arena. “Maybe he needs a hug,” Williams joked after practice on Monday. But Williams and coach Mike Brown are convinced of one thing: There will be no rematch of the first quarter dust-up that saw Williams ejected for jawing with Miller. After Williams drew a charge on him, Miller threw the ball at Williams with 6:27 left in the first quarter and the two exchanged words and received technicals. Moments later, Miller fouled Williams on the other end of the court. More words were exchanged and Williams, who said he was mostly talking to himself, was ejected. Williams and Miller had a similar run-in when Williams was playing in Milwaukee. It’s unusual because for most of the time Miller played with the Cavs, the coaches kept urging him to assert himself more. Williams acknowledged Miller did not have a reputation as a hot head.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

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