Mo Williams Drops 52 Points

Mo Williams Drops 52 Points

Mo Williams Drops 52 Points

Minnesota Timberwolves veteran point guard Mo Williams had a huge night to snap his teams 15-game losing streak. Scoring a career-high and club-record 52 points in a 110-101 victory over the Pacers. Per the Star Tribune:

“I said, ‘Man, there ain’t nothing y’all can do today,’ ” Williams said. “ ‘Don’t even worry about it.’ He shook his head and said, ‘Yeah.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m shooting it in the Pacific tonight.’ ”

“When you’re in a zone, you don’t see nobody,’’ said Williams, who sank 19 of 33 shots, six of 11 three-pointers. “It takes you back to that moment when you’re in the gym, just shooting. It doesn’t matter what a defense does, all you have to do is get the shot off, it will go in.’’

And he was totally right.

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