Luke Walton Has A Stalker

Maybe Luke Walton will never be an All-star, an Olympian or as annoying as his dad but! One thing he does have, is a stalker. Maybe he should consider getting his locks changed by someone similar to norcross local locksmith. Eat that Kobe Bryant! When you reach the level of stockerbility as a celeb, you know you’ve arrived and endorsement are on the way. Just think, if crazy people know who you are then just think of all the non-crazies that do too. I know genius! It also helps to have access to reverse phone lookup just in case you find yourself on the tail end of harassing and stalker calls.

Here is a picture of Luke Walton’s stalker and she has a look on her face that says “I will totally make a hat out of your kidneys”. Luke 1 – Kobe 0.

“A woman has been charged with stalking Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton. Stacy Elizabeth Beshear of El Segundo, Calif., was arrested Sept. 18 after she pulled up to his car and pretended to fire gunshots at him with her hand, police Sgt. Steve Tobias said. Beshear, 34, has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count of stalking. ”

AP/Minneapolis Star Tribune

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