Hooped Up: Toronto Raptors 08-09 Season Preview

A team-by-team preview of all 30 NBA teams heading into the 2008 – 2009 season, Hooped Up style. 

Toronto Raptors
Could this be the Raptors team to make it into the second round since the Vincent Lamar Carter days?  The Raptors addressed the need for a proven quality center by adding Jermaine O’Neal and combined with Chris Bosh, will be one of the best front court combos in the East.  They locked up Jose Calderon that made the offense buzz and Andrea Bargnani has added some bulk to his frame with hopes of a redeeming 08- 09 campaign.

Projected Starters: PG – Jose Calderon / SG – Anthony Parker / SF – Jamario Moon / PF – Chris Bosh / C –  Jermaine O’Neal

Additions: Jermaine O’Neal, Roko Ukic, Will Solomon, Hassan Adams, Nathan Jawai

Losses: T.J. Ford, Carlos Delfino, Rasho Nesterovic, Jorge Garbajosa, Maceo Baston, Primoz Brezec

Projected Wins: 50+

Team Theme Song:  Fat Joe ft Lil Wayne – Make it Rain
The Raptors have 4 of the top 11 three point shooters (by percentage) in the league. With an established inside game that will create more open outside shots, it will rain!

With the right mix of the new inside / outside game, the Raptors have a great chance of finishing in the top half of the eastern conference.  Jose Calderon and Chris Bosh should turn in all-star type numbers and if Jamario Moon or Jason Kapono can learn to score off the dribble to create offense of their own, things can only get better. 


  1. I’m glad to see Solomon is back home, I’m just pissed that he is on the bench
    when he’s better than Ukic. Ukic getting playing time over Solomon, what
    in the world is the new coach doing. Solomon is a scorer that is what the
    Raptors need. Someone who can play to win not a looser and unexperienced
    dude like Ukic.
    The new coach must be a racist. Will Solomon is better than Ukic anyday.
    The new coach is a hater. Will Solomon plays better than Calderon.
    You say he takes to many shots, so do Jose Calderon, what’s the difference.
    You coaches know Jose ain’t better than Solomon.
    Solomon played good when Jose was on the bench.
    Do your thing Will and don’t let that scientist coach change your game up!
    The coach need to be somewhere experimenting and shit.
    Mad love Will, ” King Solomon the great”

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