The Lakers Are Still A Hot Ticket

Everybody loves a winner, even during troubled economic times. The Lakers season-ticket holders renewed at a 99% rate for the upcoming season, an impressive percentage during robust financial periods, but much more so given the current slowdown. Season-ticket renewal averages across the league this season were about 79%. Some NBA teams have even had trouble collecting from fans. The Lakers, however, had no such issues when money was collected over the off-season, despite across-the-board price increases, a relatively unsurprising action after the team paid almost $5 million in luxury taxes on last season’s payroll and faced a larger tax hit this season. Courtside seats, think Jack Nicholson, were raised from $2,300 to $2,500 per game, an 8.7% increase, and seats in six lower-level sections between the baskets were raised from $230 to $245, a 6.5% hike.

Los Angeles Times

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