NBA Superheroes

If Dwight Howard is compared to Superman, then who else in the league is like a Superhero? Originally, this was going to be a top Top 5 list but, it was way too much fun to leave at just five. So here is the complete list of players that remind me of Superheroes.


Phil Jackson = Professor X

Much like Charles Xavier, The Zen Master has the ability to read the minds of his players and helps them realize and control their full potential. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal have all had their best seasons while under his tutelage.

Just think of his practices as the Danger Room .

Gilbert Areanas = The Punisher

At the 2001 NBA draft, 29 teams gunned down Gilbert Areanas and left him for dead / the second round. Ever since that day, Gilbert Arenas has waged a one man war on all 29 teams.

Did I just compare, being selected in the 2nd round of the NBA Draft to death???

LeBron James = Iron Man

The best mix of speed, power, vision and intelligence in the game today. Facing a wide array of dynamic and admirable foes each night he takes to the court, it’s like LeBron James comes to the court with a slightly motified suit to match the opposition better than the last one every game.

Plus, making about $27 million a year with one Vogue magazine cover already under his belt, he’s got the whole Tony Stark angle covered too.

Steve Nash = Spiderman

Going back to the Phoenix Suns as a free-agent in 2004, was kinda like getting bitten by a radioactive spider. Steve Nash seemed more balanced, faster and agile to the tune of back to back MVP trophies. Leading the league in assist in all years except one since his return, attest to his Spidey like sixth sense.

To make some of the passes that Nash is capable of, you gotta be a bit of an applied science, chemistry and physics geek.

Shaquille O’Neal = Hulk

Clearly the most destructive force in the league when he when he decides to be, nothing gets in his way. There is no physical match to Shaq and he is the sole reason why there are two back up baskets in all NBA arenas.

Allen Iverson = Wolverine

The way Allen Iverson slashes and cuts through the lane against bigger defenders, its like he has claws! Fearless, agile, quick with supersoldier like precision; Iverson is deadly. With the amount of injuries he has played through, his healing factor and pain threshold is off the chart.

When you averaging 2.5 steals per game in you career, you can smell what’s coming Bub!

Chris Paul = Batman

Chris Paul has no superhuman traits. Only the ability to push himself to his maximum limits physically and mentally; and is without fear.  Finishing as the runner-up to the league MVP trophy in just his third season, his detective skills /basketball IQ were definitely put to use figuring out the NBA point guard position.

Paul is feared every night.

Kobe Bryant = Green Lantern

Powered by thee rings, Kobe Bryant has the ability to manifest whatever his mind can imagine and has no possible limit to his power. He has the ability to fly, is invisible to defenders and can read the oppositions mind at anytime.

However, Kobe Bryant must regain his ability to effect yellow objects he once had that he lost, in the NBA finals…his teammates.


  1. Chris Paul as Batman is a good call! Minus the darkness, he’s just on your ass all game long.

  2. Great list! Somebody tried to swagger jack your style but their list sucks over at

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