Kyle Korver Will Attempt Kickball Record For Charity

Today, the Facebook profile for Kyle Korver will read “Kyle Korver is playing kick ball”, and his Myspace mood will be kicky. That’s because Kyle Korver and his friends will be playing a whole lotta kick ball over the next 25 hours for charity, with the goal of raising $10,000 for the Helping Hand Rescue Mission in North Philadelphia.  

If you live in Philly, you can go down to show your support for this kick @ss cause.

“Jazz forward Kyle Korver will be shooting for — or, more accurately, kicking for — a Guinness World Record today. In an effort to raise money for one of his favorite charities, Korver will be part of a group hoping to play the longest kickball game in history. To kick the current record to the curb, Korver and friends will have to play longer than 24 hours.”

Desert News


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