Delonte West Re-Ups With The Cavs

This is a steal of a signing anyway you cut it! If LeBron James is on your roster and Ben Wallace is the highest paid player, you better start getting creative with the cap room you got. The Cavaliers really made a step in the right direction here.  

Now if they could get lebronjames750 to perform at halftime for home games,  things would be poppin in Cleveland!

“Signing Delonte West to a three-year deal worth about $13 million puts the final touch on what the Cavs hope is now a versatile backcourt. They wanted West back because he can play either point or shooting guard, much like newcomer Mo Williams. Last season, both spent about 90 percent at the point, but both also have experience defending some shooting guards. The Cavs rank West well above average on defense, and they believe Williams will improve in that area coming to a defensive team such as the Cavs.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer


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