Who’s Hungry…..Come And Get It!


There are many reviews about the upcoming NBA finals. You can break it down into offense, defence, matchups, X’s and O’s, white kicks, black kicks, and who has the hyper headband.

No matter how you look at it, you can’t pussyfoot around the fact that the team who wants it the most will do what’s more than necessary to win and even play beyond themselves.

So the question is who wants it more………Well we’ll have to wait and see

Let’s start with the Lake Show shall we

Kobe of course wants this championship ring like Hilary Clinton wants a recount of votes. Nothing would solidify Kobe’s legacy and ego more than a ring without the player formerly known as Shaq. Lamar Odom winning his first ring would be nice, and I am sure he is as hungry as anyone else, so close you can taste it kind of cliché, but the real trump cards are the other supporting cast. The Gasols, Radmonivics, Vujucics, Farmars and etc. Let’s face it, if this was the World Championships or Olympics, the first three mentioned above would be first in line as if it was a buy 1 get 5 free sale at Pay less.

Last but certainly not least is the Celtic Pride. 

Absolutely no one wants this ring more than KG…… noooo body!!!! PERIOD.  Kevin Garnett wants this so bad that if you asked him what he wanted more a championship or his wife……well I won’t be the one to finish this statement. But I’m sure it would be close. This is a grown man that broke down into tears, pondering what he must do to win playoff games with his former team. Kevin Garnett is the most passionate and determined player to date, unless there are hurricanes or earthquakes or a typhoon in Boston or the city of angels, expect nothing other than a virtuoso performance from Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant, but if this was a Marvel or DC comic Kobe would be Superman and KG would be the incredible hulk, nothing can stop the man of steel but the angrier the Hulk gets the more powerful he becomes and absolutely nothing superhuman can stop him. 

In sports and life there are wants and needs. Kobe needs this title to separate him from his Shaq years. Kevin wants this because there is nothing left for him to accomplish.  

by Smoothy

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