Several Players’ Fate Unsettled

While the future of Pau Gasol in Memphis is most likely the most intriguing, the futures of Dahntay Jones, Stromile Swift and Brian Cardinal are also unclear.

Each player was at one time considered integral, and now their position with the team is uncertain at best.

“I’ve been through trials and tribulations in a Grizzlies uniform,” Jones said. “I’ve learned things. My patience has been tested. I don’t think I’ve grown the way I was supposed to. But who knows what the future of this franchise is. Memphis is a great place to be so I wouldn’t have a problem with coming back.”

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  1. Iy will be interesting to see how this plays out, at one point we assumed that several of these players includiong D. JOnes were in fcat integral to the building n developing of this franchise, and whilst their playing times and contributions may have been diminshed, given the fact that there have been several trying situations with this franchise, we are left to wonder if all things were in place would their contributions have been better. Come on now after all players like D JOnes have proven that they can be good contributors given the right circumstances. Its left to see what happens with their careers, in the emantime I wish players like Jones the ebst and hope that he lands on his feet somewhere or can return to Memphis to finally develop and assist a franchise that needs all the help it can get. Quite frankly its saddening since its evident that managemnt and coaching issues were killers to this teams season.

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