Will Pierce Play For The US This Summer?

“Danny Ainge has one request of Paul Pierce for the upcoming summer — that the Celtics captain devote himself solely to rehabbing, recovering, and refurbishing for the 2007-08 season. In other words, when Jerry Colangelo calls wondering whether Pierce wants to try out for the US team for the Olympic qualifier, just say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” “I am going to let Paul make the final decision,” Ainge, executive director of basketball operations, said before last night’s game with the Magic. “I’m OK with what he decides, either way, but I’d like to see him work as hard as he can to get better. I’d like to see him make a 100 percent commitment to the Boston Celtics. But it’s his call.

Boston Globe

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  1. Paul Pierce u are the biggest FLOPPER in NBA history b a man grow up stop flopping thats the only way u guys would win huh…. man last nights game pissed me off cuz of u PAUL PIERCE

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