Mark Cuban Disses Dwyane Wade

In response to Dwyane Wades comments about Dirk Mark Cuban had this to say on his blog. “You are an amazing player Dwyane. I love watching you shoot free throws. What you know about Dirk’s leadership skills is non existent. You don’t have a clue. Your ability to evaluate leadership skills….well you obviously have an overinflated value of your own. Did you take business classes at Marquette?”



  1. I love the comments Mark… I agree 100% i love watching him shoot free still kills me to watch the finals highlights on my ipod and to see all the terribly awful calls they called for DWade..and i love how he questions Dirks leadership when what are the heat right now 24-26..and the MAVS are 41-9…great leadership DWade…i wish we could get another shot at him in the finals..but not really i dont want the refs giving him another ring….

  2. This whole thing began because of Dirk and not giving the Heat their credit for winning, Yes winning 4 games in a row in the finals and finishing Dallas in their own house with one set of clothes. If this is not the Heat winning and taking Dallas out, I don’t know what is. So Cuban and Dirk go listen to David Hasselhoff records together with some Kleenex for your tears and stop picking on Dwyane Wade because he gave you the a*s whooping of your life. I suggest you don’t p**s him off again like you did with the parade and make sure you pick the right hotel this time, and Terry wear the right persons shorts from the heat and that the refs cooperate and that the weather is good and that the planets align and then maybe you could be a finishing championship team instead of being a regular season record chaser.

  3. Mr.Free Throw may be right about his assessment of Dirk on last year’s finals,but his motive for the criticism is self-serving.
    I think he should be concerned with working on a jump shot,so the refs don’t have to bail him out 20 times a game.

  4. Work on a jump shot?? He was making the majority of the shots he was getting fouled on. Oh, and yes, the heat are only 25-26 but take out over half of your starting squad for the majority of the first half of the seasondue to injury, its really tough to win. Frankly it shows what kind of a team they are to be able to come back from such a poor start to almost .500. Oh and remember, its all about the playoffs. In a few months the regular season record means nothing!

  5. 1) Marquette’s business school is actually pretty damn good

    2) Credit Avery Johnson and the drastic improvement of Josh Howard for the Mavs fabulous start, keeping in mind that Mr. Nowitzki is still known as “irk Nowitzki” by everyone in the NBA outside of Dallas.

    3) Does Mr. Cuban really think that “irk’s” leadership would be enough to lead the Mavs to a 41-9 record without Mr. Howard and either of his point guards? 41-9? Seriously now. With the West as deep as it is, he’d most likely be the owner of a sub-.500 club.

  6. Wade is the 4th best player in the league behind Kobe, LeBron, and Nash and he is a ring. The Mavs will finish with the best regular season record but choke like usual in the playoffs when they lose to Phoenix.

  7. Wade is unarguably one of the, if not the best player in league. You gota b kiddin me, winning 4 games in a row after being 2-0 and being ridiculed as a team not worth playin against Dallas! Cmon guys give him the credit. wade certainly shouldnt have made a comment on Dirk, but Dirk did say we gave them the trophy. Heat and Wade hard fought for the trophy. I did not like the sound of Dirk. anyways I never liked Dallas, especially Terry and Stackhouse, my comments are gonna b biased. And gosh needless to say I hate Cuban, he is a jerk. D Wade, Mr.MVP is the best, sad he has to miss the rest of the season.

  8. umm Jonathan, if the Mavs didn’t have dirk, jason terry, and josh howard for as many games as shaq, dwade and jason williams did, they would DEFINATELY not be 41-9. can i also point out that mark cuban is an idiot for questioning marquette’s business school because they actually have a really good one. hes also an idiot for saying that dirk’s a leader. you can lead your team to victories without being a leader as kobe bryant shows us. hes a great player with a not so great team. after he was done with his whole i’m gonna be a passer phase, he realized that he can score whenever he wants and he does. and they still win games. you can also be a leader and not win that many games. lebron james. lebron is a great leader and his team isn’t really doing so hot. so in conclusion, dwade is a leader that leaded his team to the championship last year. and dirk the jerk is still a very much non-leader that will choke yet again when they playoffs come around.

  9. man come on, its dwayne wade. how u gone compare one of the best basketball player ever live to dirk. dirk good but he’s not dwayne wade. if i was dwayne wade, i would of said the same thing probably even more after what dirk said quote the only reason they won was b/c of us. Cuban is a complete idiot and whoever think dwayne wade suck and jus a free throw shooter is an idiot. i mean who’s 4th in the lead in scoring, who’s in the top 5 in steals and top 8 in assist and most of all, who won the finals and became mvp? dwayne wade

  10. Whoever says or thinks Dwyane Wade sucks or is only a free throw shooter must honestly not like him. You can dislike a player for reasons like how they play or just them as a person, but if they have won a championship and finals MVP, you cant say they just flat out suck at the game of basketball, because that doesnt make any kind of sense due to the given facts. He got a lot of free throws not because the refs kiss his ass, but because he knows how to draw fouls in case you’ve never seen him play. Also, just because the mavs are 41-9 doesnt mean much when the playoffs start, honestly I think they are going to be like the pistons last year, when they finished 64-18 in the regular season and snuck past the cavs in GAME 7, so the record right now isnt very relevant once the playoffs start, I think the suns are going to end up in the finals honestly.

  11. ofcourse dwayne an out standing player but i have been rolling with dirk for awhile. you cant really compare the two there both great in there own way. however i think dirk should be able to play better defense if his offense is 100% his defense should at least be 50% and its only 25-30% on the other hand i do believe dwayne get a WHOLE lot of foul calls thats not really his fault though

  12. Dwade is clutch and dirk is not. I cant blame Cuban for backing his player but go back and watch the finals. In games 1 and 2 Dallas attacked the basket a lot more and in the rest of the series they turned into a jump shooting team, which does result in foul calls. Dwade attacks the basket relentlessly and anyone who says he got calls, which i wont necissarily disagree with, has to question the calls Jordan (not to mention current players other that wade like kobe) got for most of his career. Dwade is smart and, though he is not a consistenly great defensive player, he is a lot better than dirk as an all around player, and I think he was justified in responding to dirks comments. Also does Murf really think Lebron is better than dwade, i think you need to compare their postseasons and you might decide who you would rather have, especially in the 4th quarter (dwade is the obvious pick).

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  14. Dwayne Wade is so much better than Dirk has ever been. He has the right to say whatever he wants to about him especially after that whoopin he gave to the Mavs in the finals. Nobody likes Mark Cuban. He should become owner of the Cubs because obviously he doesn’t anything about basketball.

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